BBW facesitter Angie Luv

Facesitter Angie Luv – Facesitting Fatties
Angie – Sexy fattie in a crazy facesitting action
BBW facesitting videos - Facesitter Angie Luv
Angie Luv is a rare breed – a fat girl who doesn’t have gigantic tits. Her ass, however, is freaking huge and you are going to love the way it jiggles as she rubs herself against the face of this lucky submissive man. She pulls her pretty thong panties off to the side and presses her dripping snatch against his eager face, then rubs back and forth, covering him in her juices and teasing him over and over again. Will she eventually let him get off? Join now and find out

BBW Facesitting – Melony Crown

Facesitter Melony Crown – Facesitting Fatties – BBW facesitters
Melony – Horny bbw babe with big ass sitting on his face
BBW facesitting videos - Facesitter Melony Crown
Facesitting fatty Melony Crown is a bit of a rebel. You can see it in the tattoos on her arms, in the defiant tilt of her chin and the sexy corset she wears. She’s also a no-bullshit kinda girl and what she gets off on is plopping her fat ass down on her subby’s face and totally dominating him. Watch as her boy toy’s face gets totally lost within her feminine folds and he has to ask permission to breathe. Menoly knows how to treat a man who loves having his face sat on, and you’re sure to get off right along with him!

Facesitter Tina Rose

Facesitter Tina Rose – BBW Facesitting Fatties
Chloe – Sexy bbw babe with big ass playing on his face
BBW facesitting videos - Facesitter Tina Rose
Blonde fatty, Tina Rose, starts off this scene showing off her curvy body in some sweet red lace lingerie. It clings to her and the peeks of pale flesh you can see through it are tantalizing to say the least! Then she gets her hands on a sexy stud who is new to the world of facesitting action and breaks him in right away. He soon finds himself completely surrounded by the scent, the taste and the feel of her sitting on his face. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Facesitting Fatties – Tasha Starzz

Facesitter Tasha Starzz – Facesitting Fatties – Femdom BBW
Tasha – Sexy big babe tasha sitting on a face
BBW facesitting videos - Facesitter Tasha Starzz
An exotic facesitter of Pakistani descent, Tahsa has got gorgeous coffee-colored skin, dark hair and deep brown eyes you could lose yourself in. She also has a fantastic pair of titties, a round ass and curves that just don’t stop. In this scene Tahsa takes off her sexy lingerie and then mounts her man – his face that is. Squeezing his face between her boobs and then later her thighs she rocks his world and yours as well! Don’t miss any of this hot hardcore action.

Facesitter Danni from Facesitting Fatties

Facesitter Danni – Facesitting Fatties – BBW Facesitting
Danni – Sexy bbw danni sitting on his face
BBW facesitting videos - Facesitter Danni
Danii is a big girl who isn’t afraid to show off her body. Watch in this scene as she takes off her clothes to reveal a fat body that is guaranteed to get BBW lovers hard. What’s better is that after getting naked she puts that body to good use – dominating her man. She sits on his face, rubs her giant titties all over him and then sits on his face some more. Imagine yourself surrounded by her, the rest of the world blocked out so that all you know is how she feels, tastes and smells. That’s what this scene is all about!

Sexy bbw Bella – face sitting

Facesitter Buxom Bella – Facesitting Fatties – BBW Femdom
Bella – Sexy bbw Bella in huge face sitting hardcore shit
BBW facesitting videos - Sexy bbw Bella
Buxom Bella is incredibly fucking sexy. This big hottie has got two-toned hair that shows she’s not afraid to be different, and some fantastic lingerie that proves she’s also aware of what a great body she has and loves to show it off. In this smoking hot scene this BBW nympho smothers her submissive boy toy with her titties and then her pussy, only getting off his face to give him air so that he doesn’t pass out. Don’t miss a minute of this incredible facesitting fatty in action!